Super Food Bonus Card

The Super Food Bonus Card entitles its holder to enjoy weekly Bonus Specials and Super Deals in participating stores located at Super Food Plaza.

The Super Food Bonus Card can be picked up at the Customer Service Desk. Tourists may also enjoy the same savings by applying for a Tourist Bonus Card at the Customer Service Desk.

Benefits of the Super Food Bonus Card are:

  • Every card comes with 2 key tags so you will never forget your card at home
  • You can earn and redeem points in participating stores
  • Get extra savings on selected items only when you pay with Bonus Card points
  • Your bonus points don’t expire at the end of the year 
  • Choose to redeem your bonus points for products whenever you want 
  • See your total bonus points balance at the bottom of your receipt after every purchase

Local residents can apply for a resident Bonus Card, which also allows the customer to save points and redeem them later for free products in the store.

 Tourists can apply for the Tourist Bonus Card, which only allows for price discounts, but does not allow for point accumulation. 

A valid identification card is needed when applying for the resident Bonus Card and/or redeeming points.

*The stores that accept the Super Food Bonus Card are:

  • Super Food
  • Bliss 
  • Cheers
  • Jack’s Café Aruba
  • Casa
  • Intertoys
  • Food Factory Aruba

Please click here for Super Food Bonus Card Terms & Conditions