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About Us

Super Food Plaza is a shopping center that offers a great shopping experience to its customers and where a wide assortment of products can be found under one roof. 

The idea of Super Food Plaza was created after the supermarket Super Food became too small for its customer base in its old location at L.G. Smith Boulevard. 

We chose to build an environmentally friendly building in order to save on energy costs and be able to maintain the best possible prices on high quality products for our customers. This was how Super Food Plaza was born. The Super Food Plaza building is the greenest shopping center in the Caribbean and some of its energy-saving features include:

  • Shadow roof, casting a cooling shade over the entire building
  • Solar panels, for water heating and generating electricity
  • Collection of condensation water for re-usage in toilets and landscaping
  • Use of water saving toilets and faucets throughout the building
  • Double-pane windows filled with special gas for additional isolation
  • Super-efficient air-conditioning and freezing systems
  • Use of LED lighting wherever possible to save energy

In November 2012, Super Food Plaza opened its doors and it has since enjoyed a great acceptance from its customers. 

Bubali 141-A, Noord, Aruba
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Phone: +297 522-2000
Fax: +297 587-7078


Opening hours:
Monday to Saturday: 7 AM - 8 PM
Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM