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Desem Spelt volkoren

Product code:
Product group: Breakfast / Lunch

Speltwhole meal flour, water, salt, olive oil, sour dough powder[wheat], yeast, enzymes, flour treatment agent: E300

Spelt, wheat
Speltsour dough bread with rich taste and special bite
Storage advice:
Cool and dry
Shelf life:
3-4 days (see date bag)
Nutritional value per 100 g :
Portein: 11.9

Vegetable 11.9

Animal 0

Fat: 2.9

Vegetable 2.9

Animal 0

Carbohydrate: 40.9

Sugar 0.7

Starch 40.2

Fibers 7.4

Salt 1.4

Sodium (mg) 556

Energy: 1071 KJ / 255 Kcal