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Important Recall Information- Jumbo pre-packed deli-meats
Oct 04, 2019

Important Recall Information!
Assorted Jumbo pre-packed deli-meats are being recalled because the company that has pre-packed these products in Europe could not guarantee its food safety. We are not taking any chances and have removed all these products from our shelves. The products in question are ONLY those that have been pre-packed by Jumbo, NOT those pre-packed locally in our store. All deli-meats that are available now in our store are safe. If you have purchased Jumbo brand pre-packed deli-meats, please verify if the product may be unsafe to eat. If the product is on the list below, please do not consume and bring it back to our customer service desk to exchange for another product or receive your money back. Please verify the product name and expiration date on this list. We apologize for this inconvenience, please share this important information.

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