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Jacks Cafe Aruba - Eat, Drink & Relax
Eat, Drink and Relax at Jack’s Cafe Aruba
Jack’s Cafe Aruba

Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner in a casual environment, Jack’s Café Aruba is an eatery you cannot miss. The menu consists of Dutch and International food items and ranges from sandwiches to complete meals. Eat, drink and relax while watching shoppers go by. 

  • Breakfast is served from 8 AM to 12PM
  • Lunch is served from 12PM to 3PM
  • Snacks are served from 3PM to 5PM
  • Dinner is served from 5PM to 7:30PM

Jack’s Café Aruba is well known for its delicious freshly squeezed orange juice and its Dutch Pea soup. It also offers the best coffee on Aruba, Puro Coffee, at a very reasonable price. Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet pc as Jack’s Café Aruba offers free Wi-Fi to paying customers. 

There is also a traditional coin-operated Dutch Snack Wall accessible from the outside of the café, offering snacks like hot pockets and croquettes all day. 

If you’re in a hurry, you may also get your cold meal to-go. This is a very convenient way of serving a complete healthy meal to your family and all you have to do is heat it up at home. These meals change on a daily basis and you may choose from a variety of options to create your own meal. 

You may get a cup of coffee, smoothie, or soft-serve ice cream at the Jack’s Café Aruba to-go corner located right next to the main entrance of Super Food Plaza. This is a convenient way to get your cup of coffee or treat quickly and easily before heading home.

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